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19" LCD Galaga Upright Mini Arcade
Your Price: $765.00
Graphics / Artwork:
Game Board:
Play Mode:
Fire Buttons Pressure:
Lighted Marquee:
Illuminated Buttons:
Joystick Ball Top Color:
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See SCRATCH AND DENT Uprights also.  Minor DIngs Major savings!

Galaga Graphics - Plays Multiple Games

Choice of JoyStick BallTop Color !

Includes upgraded 4/8 Way Galaga Style Ball Top Joystick!

Choice of Free Play / Coins / Tokens

** Please note: Tracball is smaller and lighter than a full size arcade Trackball **
** You will be unable to spin it hard and have it continue spinning **

19" LCD Mini Arcade -  1 or 2 players take turns playing 

Now Shipping with Authentic CHERRY Microswitch for the Main Fire Button!

 Choice of  60 in 1 Classic (Plays most our favorites )  or 400+  Game Elf Board Vertical Shooter Games ( click to see list of games )

 Games include Galaga, Galaxian, Pac Man, Space Invaders and many more
 19" Monitor was the actual size of the original Arcade Tube monitor for most of these arcade classics

It's the hottest product of the year. You just simply plug in the power cable and are ready to go.
These units are high quality and are unmatched by anything else available on the market 

Free Play / Coin slot can be Changed at any time by end user.

New * Volume controlled by improved  Amplifier, Rear Door Lock with key, Removable Coin Box, Adjustable Coin Mech
Awesome Reproduction Graphics, Chrome T Molding, and compact design.

See Additional Images for joystick and tracball layouts.

 ** Products may vary slightly due to button configuration, tracball, and joystick locations.

Shipping 19"x20"x32" 66lbs Dimensional Physical 14.75 W "x18 D"x29 H " 52lbs 

This design has an added sticker over the control panel.  

** The material it is made of will show scuff marks in bright light if not cleaned with soft cloth.

Shipping appx $65 East Coast to $85 West Coast

Each Unit Custom configured for your order specifications

60 Day Parts Return Warranty

Adult Signature required

*** Please note: these are custom made which means alot of hands on time.   Side Art and Panel art may be subject to slight imperfections such as  small bubbles or artwork applicatioon as this is done by hand  ******  Tracball is VERY basic and not to be expected to respond as a full size unit's tracball does ***


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Reviewer: J.L.
12/14/2016 07:00pm
This machine is good fun. I have been playing it every night after the kids go to bed. I can't wait till Christmas so I can play during the day!
Reviewer: Timothy
06/08/2016 09:50pm
A love it
Reviewer: CK
01/22/2016 06:04pm
I am loving this arcade even more than I thought I would. I love the arcade cabinet feel in a more compact/portable form factor. The price is right compared to full-size cabinets, also!

Even spinner games like Tron/Gyruss/Tempest play decently.
Reviewer: Chris
01/12/2016 07:32pm
- the games all play pretty great, and the arcade looks SO GOOD.
Reviewer: RA
04/29/2014 11:12pm
Thanks - You guys build a great unit. Thanks for everything.
Reviewer: W.A.
01/13/2014 10:38pm
Thank you so much for your patience with me and all the help. You have excellent customer service and are very understanding. thank you thank you thank you!
Reviewer: Frank
01/04/2014 09:36pm
Thanks John.

This is a birthday present for my wife who is a big time Galaga fan as well as myself. Its a nice bonus to get the other games as well.
Looking forward to see my wifes face when she sees this. Priceless


Reviewer: Jason
01/04/2014 09:26pm
Jon I can't say enough friggen awesome a dream come truehahahaha kicking the wife to the curb I'm skepping with this machine THANK YOU I will spread the WORD.
Reviewer: Andres
01/04/2014 09:25pm

Yes, I am very happy with the purchase. The unit was way beyond what I was expecting. I am also interested in purchasing a table top mini arcade for my collection. I saw on your site that you are updating the graphics on it and will be looking forward for the updated on it.
Reviewer: Drew
01/04/2014 09:24pm
I love you, man. If I ever find myself in NJ, I'm going to buy you a Yuengling.
Reviewer: Martin
01/04/2014 09:03pm
I purchased a Donkey Kong Jr. Bartop unit from you a few weeks ago & I am Loving it.
Reviewer: Brad
01/04/2014 09:02pm
Looking forward to playing the classic games with my kid!

Reviewer: DD
01/04/2014 09:02pm
! I%u2019m enjoying my mini arcades!

Reviewer: mt
01/04/2014 08:58pm
Thanks so much for you help. He will love it.
Reviewer: DC
01/04/2014 08:56pm
Yes, it is awesome and it is everything I expected. Thank you for such a great product.
Reviewer: Dennis
01/04/2014 08:48pm
Got the machine and it works great!
Reviewer: Sean
01/04/2014 08:46pm
Thanks again for the unit. It's awesome
Reviewer: Monique
01/04/2014 08:45pm
Hi John - thanks so much! I got it for my best friend and he is so super excited!
Reviewer: Marc
01/04/2014 08:41pm
Wow! Looks awesome! Thanks for the pics. Thanks again for the photos and for holding shipment until Thursday. That is a big help for me!
Reviewer: DD
01/04/2014 08:40pm
Hi. Thanks for the information and the quick shipping. Take care
Reviewer: Dan
01/04/2014 08:39pm
I received my Donkey Kong unit this evening. Thank you for the speedy shipping.
Reviewer: DC
01/04/2014 08:38pm
Hi. I got it on Thursday. Thanks for the fast shipping and careful packaging. The product works great and is really well constructed. I will definitely recommend you. Thanks again and take care. David
Reviewer: FC
01/04/2014 08:36pm
I bought 3 of your 60-in-1 arcades (2 uprights and 1 cocktail).

How hard would it be for ME to personally convert one to the 412-in-1 Blue Elf Jamma PCB?

What all do I need, and can I buy all needed components from you, to make this as easy as possible for me?

I'm still very happy with my arcades, and they're holding up fine still!!!

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